Commercial Title Services

United Land’s commercial transaction division is comprised of experienced attorneys, title officers, escrow officers and support staff dedicated to the nuances of the commercial real estate market. United Land has handled high liability commercial transactions that typically include mortgage and construction loans. We have also worked closely with title insurers in both Co-Insurance and Re-Insurance requests made by clients.

Having examined and closed commercial transactions, United Land understands the needs of the various parties to the transaction and works diligently to proactively satisfy those needs. From title search and examination to scheduling, funding and recording, our commercial services are custom tailored to handle your unique title and escrow needs.

By leveraging our talent and technology, United Land is able to provide you with efficient and accurate title searches with seamless escrow services from a centralized location. Throughout the process, you remain informed as to the status of all matters affecting title and escrow. In addition to contacting you via telephone or email regarding pertinent matters, the United Land team of professionals enters all communications to its proprietary Landtrax platform while providing you with access to our website to review notes, documents and correspondence online – you can also send emails and add notes to your file in real time.

United Land is backed by the largest, fiscally responsible title insurance underwriters. The combined knowledge, experience and professionalism of United Land and its underwriters guarantees you will receive nothing less than sound decisions made by a trusted authority.

United Land’s Title Search and Examination services include:

·  On-site searching for New York City properties

·  Title review of the completed search and recorded documents by our Title Officer evaluating the impact of open items on the title to be insured

·  Aggressive issue resolution by Counsel and Title Officer

United Land’s Escrow services include:

·  Processing and document collection services by our Escrow Officers

·  Scheduling of transaction with all necessary parties

·  Audit of closed file

·  Confirmation of receipt of funds

·  Disbursement

·  Permanent storage of scanned closing documents

·  Return of executed closing documents

United Land has issued commercial title policies insuring lenders including but not limited to: Citibank, Chase, Astoria Federal, Greenpoint, Indymac Bank and ABN Amro.